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Costa Rica Experiences

Costa Rica is one of the best tourist destinations around the world, that is why we offer the opportunity for you to discover and enjoy in 7, 10 or 15 days some of the best attractions that Costa Rica has to offer. Costa Rica experience gives you the opportunity to enjoy a complete tourist package

The experience of 20 years collaborating with social projects in communities and schools (with the support of companies), motivated us to invite students, workers inside and outside of Costa Rica to collaborate and invest time in new social projects, with Costa Rican families and communities.

Why Travel Abroad?

By traveling abroad, you open the doors to many new ways of thinking, acting and living. This experience will lead to adjustments, personal growth, and a far greater understanding of the way of life in other parts of the world.  By adopting a sense of adventure, as well as humor, curiosity and patience, you will ease the transition into your new surroundings.

Why Community Service?

The hours devoted to service are more than just a notch on college applications or resumes. They are life-changing experiences that will give the students a newfound perspective, empower them to make a difference, and prepare them for a lifetime of global citizenship. 

Tourism will be part of the program on rest days. The tours take place in the Province of Cartago, San José and visit the coasts: Limón, Guanacaste, South and Central Pacific, depending of the season.

Basketball Program

Educational Program